Treat Street

Tasty treats for freaky streets.

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Sunset Bar

Ice-cold cervezas - from where you'd rather be.

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Fox Sports

World Record

Taking back Australia's place on the rugby field.

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Sand Sculptures

Reconnecting Sydney with the Gold Coast.

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Great Crusade

Breaking the rules (within the rules).

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Joyville Platforms

Real world, meet Joyville.

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Care Australia

Care Package

Thank you, Australia.

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Digital Christmas Wheel

New store, new wheel.

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Fox Sports

Foxsporting Nation

Introducting Fox Sports' groundbreaking new product.

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Olympic Program

QF2012 now boarding.

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Lost Super

Rescuing millions in lost super.

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Big Egg Crack

Cracking open some joy over Sydney Harbour.

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Sneaking a peek at Qantas' best destinations.

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Vending Machine

Hey Bondi! There's a new bank in town.

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Special Deliveries

Bringing Australia's chocolatey dreams to life.

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Mardi Car

Cars Guide loves every type of car.

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75th Birthday

Celebrating St.George's 75th Anniversary.

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Dial-up is old. Like, really, really old.

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Casting Call

Making Australians the face of their favourite brand.

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Transport for NSW

Don't Trust Your Tired Self

Tiredness affects your game.

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Who We Are

We are a Creative Agency with a difference.

Founded over six years ago we are Australia's pre-eminent experiential agency, responsible for some of the most innovative and unconventional marketing campaigns in the country.

We are creative in the broadest possible sense; we think creatively, we execute imaginatively, and we bring entrepreneurial belief and know-how to everything we undertake for our clients.

Most importantly we are focused on making things happen. We are proud to have been B&T Experiential Agency Of The Year, and to have won Gold at Cannes, Spikes, and even a New York Emmy Nomination, but that is not what makes us tick. We are first and foremost pragmatic marketers that understand how to break through the clutter of the modern communication landscape and provide experiences and content that people want to watch and share.

We are creators like you've never met before.

What We Do

We specialise in Experiential marketing, Sponsorship Leverage and Branded Content. We've also worked our muscles in Social, Creative, Digital and all kinds of Production - with consistently remarkable results.

We give brands visibility and relevance by creating experiences that are entertaining, engaging and have social currency. We often capture the wonder of these events and create content that finds a home across digital platforms and is shared via social media. But we do more than that.

We work to a brief. We understand the importance of creating experiences that plays a strategic role in your marketing mix. We understand this because we were pioneers in the experiential field. Before establishing Wonder our managing director helped build nudie, one of Australia's most innovative brands, and our planning director spent ten years driving sports marketing at Red Bull. We are experts in this area because we have spent many, many years honing our craft. We are doers, and we believe are the best at what we do.

Why You Need Us

Here's the thing.

You probably have a Digital Agency that is great at planning your online exposure but can't provide the content to make best use of it.

You almost certainly have a Creative agency that specialises in creating advertising that fills some of those online opportunities but it is seen for what it is - "mainstream advertising".

We're different. We create unique experiences that involve people, capture their imagination and generate spontaneous moments that are ripe for sharing. And they are shared: through the images and footage we produce on your behalf and through every form of social media, allowing consumers to become willing advocates for your brand.

Our expertise lies not in pushing out brand messages but providing an opportunity for consumers to immerse themselves in unique experiences that are truly memorable and are willingly shared with family, workmates and friends.


Creativity is employed throughout the entire company.

We are a different kind of agency; more a contemporary marketing company. We are fascinated by human beings and are unashamed sociaholics. We challenge ourselves to better understand Australian popular culture and are constantly dreaming of ways to introduce our brands to people face-to-face.

We are creators. What we do is real, it actually happens. And that's powerful. Creativity is irrelevant if your ideas cannot be created. Practicality must accompany creativity. Our team has executed some of the largest most complex marketing activities seen in this country. We pride ourselves on making almost anything possible.

We believe passionately in:

Creativity & Innovation

It's what we hang our hat on.

Hard Work

The harder we work, the luckier we get.


In our business, being able to work out what's coming is rewarded.


Life is supposed to be fun. Work should be too.


Human beings can't function together in its absence. And should never have to.

Being Australian

We're not 100% sure what this means but we're bloody proud of it anyway...


Our Success

Our mission is simple - to generate Australia's most talked about ideas. To achieve this we ensure that creativity is the absolute core of our business. We are a company driven by creativity.

As our name suggests, imagination is very important to us. We think it's good to obsess with what's over the horizon. We think it's healthy to challenge the status quo. We think it's important to think differently from everyone else.

We believe our ability to draw meaningful insights from a deep understanding of our clients' business strategies as well as Australian popular culture is the key to great ideas.

The Proof

We have been awarded a variety of prizes including:

To our knowledge, the first ever Emmy Nomination for an agency working on a brand - International Emmy Award Nomination for Digital Fiction.

Multiple Lions at Cannes including Gold for the first ever Branded Entertainment piece at the festival.

Two Spikes at Spikes Asia.

Finalists in two categories at the Australian Marketing Institute Awards.

Finalists in four categories at the Australian B&T Agency of the Year Awards.

Australian B&T Experiential Agency of the Year.


Adrian Popek
Managing Director

Adrian is the Managing Director of Wonder and has been here right from the beginning! Since Wonder's inception Adrian has been involved in every part of the business plotting its course to both national and international acclaim and has established a list of very happy clients.

Immediately prior to joining Wonder Adrian was International Business Manager at nudie foods. Adrian helped build one of Australia's most recognizable and innovative brands, nudie.

Adrian joined nudie foods Australia within a year of the business opening. As the pioneer in the premium drinks category, nudie earned the number one spot on BRW's fastest growing start-ups list as well as being voted the 10th most influential brand in the Asia Pacific (one of only three Australian companies) in 2005.

Adrian was involved in all facets of the nudie business including sales, distribution and marketing nationally whilst internationally in 2007 Adrian launched theproduct in China and has also been involved in India.

Luke Hannan
Planning Director

As Planning Director at Wonder Luke's role is as varied as it is important. Everything that you see will have been moulded and directed at some point by Luke. He is the guy that makes things happen!

Prior to Wonder Luke spent almost ten years at Red Bull as Head of Sports Marketing (2003-2009) and Athlete Manager (2000-2003) prior to that. His role included responsibilities both nationally and internationally.

During this time Luke was responsible for the creation of a diverse range of events, athlete and marketing initiatives, from concept through to execution. From major sporting events, film production, premieres and festivals, to large scale launches and parties. He is incredibly well connected in the Australian Sports scene.

If it came out of Red Bull in that decade, it probably had a lot to do with Luke.


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Walsh Bay
NSW 2000


(02) 8114 9900



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