Lost Super

Rescuing millions in lost super.
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The Challenge

There is $17.4 Billion in lost and unclaimed superannuation in Australia. We were asked to shine a light on Australia's lost super issue and positioning Westpac and BT as the lost super champions.

The Idea

On July 4th 2012, we built a massive sculpture of money spelling out the word LOST. It provided a graphic illustration of what $17.4 Billion, a vast sum, would actually look like. This dramatic and impactful visual stopped people in their tracks, instantly communicating how much lost super there is in Australia. A branded marquee served as the Westpac Lost Super Centre, with promotional staff encouraging people to come in for a free lost super search.

"LOST" served as the perfect backdrop for a national press conference, with The Hon. Bill Shorten, Minister for Financial Services & Superannuation (at the time) addressing numerous news crews about the critical issue of lost super in Australia.

The Outcome

We received $2,859,091 worth of national media coverage, 275,000 people were reached via social media, and we registered 26% increase in visitors to the BT Super for Life website.

Furthermore, as a result of the engagement generated by this event we reunited 1,250 Australians with $6,000,000 in lost super!