Big Egg Crack

Cracking open some joy over Sydney Harbour.
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The Challenge

Easter is a key time for Cadbury and one strongly associated with their iconic Cadbury Diary Milk Chocolate. We were asked to create an activation that reinforced their 'ownership' of the Easter occasion, built a public sense of anticipation, and rewarded Cadbury lovers with a vast array of their chocolate products.

The Idea

We created a giant egg suspended 10m above the ground in the iconic Royal Botanic Gardens, overlooking the Sydney Opera House and the harbour foreshore. Above the giant egg was an equally giant gold hammer. Over the course of four days, the hammer was progressively raised until it was ready to crack open the egg on the Sunday prior to Easter.

Families were invited to a large Cadbury picnic with roaming entertainers: jugglers, contortionists and even a live band. They waited in anticipation until the hammer was released and the egg smashed, releasing a huge explosion of light, colour and sound. Smaller eggs and confetti cascaded down from the hanging egg into a big shiny bowl below.

The Outcome

We distributed 8,000 Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate samples to families. The content created was shared across all Cadbury social platforms. The activity was broadcast by Channel 10's 'The Project' giving it mainstream coverage during the crucial Easter period.