Transport for NSW

Don't Trust Your Tired Self

Tiredness affects your game.
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The Challenge

A vast number of deaths and injuries in NSW are caused by motorists momentarily dozing off at the wheel and slipping into 'microsleeps'. Transport for NSW was running a safety campaign 'Don't Trust Your Tired Self' with a view to generating awareness and preventative action but felt the claim alone was insufficient to bring to life the tragic consequences of driving when overtired.

The Idea

Wonder were charged with demonstrating the effect of 'microsleeps' in an engaging fashion. Patrons entering AFL games were invited to hand-ball a footy into a target, whilst wearing a VR headset. Just as they were about to hand-ball the footy, our promotional staff secretly activated a trigger that totally blocked participant vision emulating the effect of a 'microsleep' and bringing up the message: 'Don't Trust Your Tired Self'. Fans had to hit the target blind!

The Outcome

Over the course of the campaign, we directly spoke to over 4,000 AFL fans from a variety of backgrounds. Countless other passers-by hung around to watch our players and speak to staff about their own driving experiences.

In addition we distributed 1,200 branded traveller's mugs as a reminder that a quick coffee hit is a great way to stay alert behind the wheel.