Special Deliveries

Bringing Australia's chocolatey dreams to life.
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The Challenge

During the hot Australian summer, chocolate sales are at a seasonal low. We were asked to remind Australians how Joyful chocolate can be at any time of the year, in a truly unique way. The Cadbury brand platform is 'JOY', and that is one thing that is never seasonal.

The Idea

Cadbury asked Australians what it is that brings them joy, and then for six lucky prize winners we delivered that object made entirely from Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate!

Life size chocolate sculptures were created and delivered to winners in Ballarat, Bowral, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Brisbane, and Perth by our very own purple and white candy striped Joymobile. Joyville workers delivered chocolate sculptures that ranged from a life size Shetland Pony to the Mona Lisa. To mark the occasion we created bespoke events in front yards across Australia, bringing together family, friends and neighbours. The resultant publicity delivered nationwide coverage and awareness.

The Outcome

Almost half of Australians saw the campaign - a staggering 10.4 million people. We saw an increase in Facebook activity during the campaign - of almost sixteen times!