Mardi Car

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The Challenge

CarsGuide is the ubiquitous guide that embraces every type of car, and loves every kind of car driver. We were challenged to demonstrate to the people of Sydney just how much.

The Idea

What better time to show love than during Mardi Gras? We partnered with Uber to create 'Mardi Car': three outrageously bright, sparkly vehicles that captured the essence of Mardi Gras. During the week leading up to the final parade Uber users could request a Mardi Car to get them around Sydney for free. Decked out with rainbow-coloured props and accessories, customers encapsulated the spirit of Mardi Gras, zooming through Sydney in the flashiest ride around.

For every ride, CarsGuide donated $10 to Aurora Group, a charity that disburses funds to numerous LGBT groups around Australia.

The Outcome

280 eager passengers booked a ride with Mardi Car and a total of $2,840 was donated to Aurora. The fun and engaging brand experience was snapped and shared. #MardiCar. The bemused citizens of Sydney saw that CarGuide was far from a stuffy 'blokey' organisation.