Sunset Bar

Ice cold cervezas - from where you'd rather be.
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The Challenge

Corona has a special place in the heart of loyal drinkers; relaxed, sophisticated and exotic. We wanted to thank friends of Corona via a truly unique experience that reflected the brand's essence as reflected in the line 'From Where You'd Rather Be'.

The activity needed to be both special and aspirational to create content that would draw new users to the brand.

The Idea

200 metres offshore from a quiet Sydney beach, we built a secret floating bar for special guests to immerse themselves in the Corona way of life. Over the course of a month our invited list of influencers, partners and friends spent the night watching the sunset whilst sipping ice-cold Coronas to the soundtracks of Mexico. As the sun set, the bar magically illuminated making it the perfect setting for late-night snaps shared across the world.

To enhance the special nature of the invitation, we commissioned Limited Edition Corona merchandise in collaboration with brand partners.

The Outcome

Over a one-month period, a tsunami of content was generated indicating exactly where our guests 'would rather be'. Extensive online posting reinforced the brand's proposition. Additional PR coverage supplemented this through print media, including The North Journal, STAB and Surfing World.