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The Challenge

iinet is a major sponsor of Sculpture by the Sea, a coastal walk and exhibition with a growing reputation across Australia and internationally. The iinet brand wanted to raise awareness across NSW, demonstrate their support for the arts, and showcase their recycling initiatives and dedication to sustainability.

The Idea

With the help of renowned local Bondi sculptor Dion Horstmans, we designed and built a huge 3.5 metre tall dinosaur labelled 'Giig-a-saurus' from recycled steel and over 1500 brightly coloured 'extinct' computer modems and home phones.

Created 'live' over the course of the exhibition the sculpture enlisted the help of school children participating in the Schools Education Program. The final Giig-a-saurus was exhibited prominently in Tamarama Park within the main Sculpture By The Sea Exhibition.

The Outcome

600,000+ visitors to the annual exhibition came face-to-face with the Giig-a-saurus at what was, for many visitors, the starting point of their 'sculptures walk.' As the first sculpture experienced by many it gave iinet perceptual ownership of the exhibition walk.

The recycled artwork was posted by 27,467 Facebook fans and reached 13,441 Twitter accounts via photos, video and updates from the event.