Vending Machine

Hey Bondi! There's a new bank in town.
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The Challenge

When St.George built a new branch on Hall Street Bondi, they were keen to showcase their state-of-the-art banking experience to local Bondi residents. The location dictated an event that recognised and celebrated Bondi's distinct culture and iconic beach personality.

The Idea

On the eve of the opening we installed a token-operated vending machine onto the side of the branch ready to distribute gifts to the people of Bondi.

This was not your average vending machine - it dispensed everything from dragon onesies for the kids, to flower-bearing surf lifesavers for the mums.. It reinforced the 'happy' image of the bank and reflected the lifestyle of the local community.

'Happy' the St.George dragon was on hand to offer the tokens to passing traffic and those inspecting the new branch.

The Outcome

Over the day, we gave out over 1000 prizes and had a whole lot of fun. The entire event was captured, creating a piece of content that cemented the brands distinct personality locally. Not only did it receive 15,000+ views online but it served to make the St.George staff a welcome addition to the Bondi community.