Showcase the best of New Zealand’s North Island to Qantas customers by immersing them in a unique sensory experience encouraging travel to this exciting destination.


Wonder created the Qantas & Tourism New Zealand Travelator. An awe-inspiring aircraft fuselage (over 27m long and 3m tall) positioned over the moving walkway inside Sydney Domestic Airport. Passengers were taken on a photographic journey of NZ’s North Island, with stunning images displayed
in the aircraft windows and tranquil music creating a memorable ambient experience for millions of travellers.
Large TV screens inside the Travelator displayed a Qantas NZ retail offer.


The Travelator took over half a million passengers on the North Island journey across the 6 week activation.
The hugely popular and successful campaign has been extended by Qantas, with the Travelator set to live on at the Airport across Summer, showcasing a new Qantas brand campaign to millions of holiday and business travelers.