There is $17.4 Billion in lost and unclaimed superannuation in Australia. It's lost because people change jobs
 and start new super funds, change addresses and don’t update their details, or simply lose track of where their super is invested.

As one of Australia’s biggest banking and wealth providers, Westpac together with BT wanted to solve the problem of lost super and help Australians reconnect with their share of billions of dollars.

Westpac and BT needed to activate an engaging integrated campaign, led by a highly visible stunt that created awareness of Australia’s lost superannuation.

We wanted to shine a light on Australia’s lost super problem, positioning Westpac and BT as the lost super champions.


On 4th July 2012 we built a massive sculpture of money spelling out the word LOST, representing what $17.4 Billion actually looks like. This dramatic and impactful visual device stopped people in their tracks, and instantly demonstrated how much lost super there is in Australia.

This enormous branded structure – 10 metres wide and 6 metres tall – was made up of pallets of fake hundred-dollar bills and highlighted the huge amount of unclaimed super.

The stunt took place at the Overseas Passenger Terminal – a stunning, high profile Sydney location positioned close to Circular Quay and the Museum of Contemporary Art. A branded marquee was decked out as a Westpac Lost Super Centre, with promotional staff encouraging people to come in for a free lost super search.

LOST was the perfect backdrop for a national press conference, where The Hon. Bill Shorten, Minister for Financial Services & Superannuation, addressed numerous news crews about the issue of lost super in Australia and the positive steps being taken to help Aussies find their share.

The event drew huge crowds and massive national media coverage, including multiple live crosses on the Today Show with Ross Greenwood.

Coverage on The Project - an interview with The Westpac Group’s Head of Superannuation Melanie Evans.

Coverage on all major evening news programs.

Radio on site throughout the morning.


How much attention did the Lost Super Stunt receive?

  • $2,859,091.49 worth of national media coverage.
  • 275,000 people reached via social media.
  • 26% increase in visitors to the BT Super for Life website.

How much super did we find?
In a single day...

  • 7,500 lost super searches took place on the day.
  • More than 1,250 Australians found lost super.
  • Australians have been reunited with
 $6 million worth of super now safely in Westpac accounts.

BT Financial Group & Westpac

Lost Super