Who we are

We're pretty new, in fact about three and a half years old. However in such a short time Wonder is already recognised as one of Australia's leading Creative Agencies.

We're a bunch of inventive, creative and resourceful people that happen to adore each others company. And between us we have been responsible for some of Australia's most innovative and unconventional marketing campaigns.

We are creators. Creators that understand that creativity is irrelevant unless we can make things happen. Practicality, know-how and hard work must accompany imagination.

Most importantly Wonder is an entrepreneurial company in that it is comprised of entrepreneurs. Companies often talk about having this mindset and that’s great for them, but we actually are entrepreneurs.

What we do

We specialise in Experiential Marketing, Sponsorship Leverage and Branded Content. We are experts in this area having spent many, many years honing our craft.

In 2012 alone we were ranked in the top fifteen of all Australian Creative agencies (AdNews), Experiential Agency of the Year (B&T) as well as being awarded globally for our work including Gold at Cannes, Spikes and even winning a Digital Emmy Nomination for content.

Where we are going

Within five years we intend on being known as the best company of our type. And we believe our type is as an entertainment company.

Known for innovation and incredible work. Not just in Australia but globally. We see no reason why this would not be possible, just because we started as a small Australian independent company.

To do this we have to kill ourselves coming up with and producing world-class work. Look what we have done already through focus and hard work and we’re just getting started.

About Us